Hope has two beautiful children: indignation and courage. The disdain for the reality of things, the courage to change them. ” 

– St. Augustine of Hippo –




In this small space I will try to tell you a small, possibly insignificant but intense love story that blossomed between a lover, wine, an evil seducer of good, fragile and lonely hearts and a beloved land, mistreated and forgotten, albeit wonderful, protected and pampered by unique people.

This land is that of the Forni Savorgnani, located in the North West of Friuli, in the territory that many know as Carnia. This very ancient land is marked by the feet of various peoples and cultures that have trampled the soil, leaving behind almost exclusively violence and misery. Wars, famines and fires have marked these communities increasingly until the first half of the last century.

The hostility of the climate has allowed very few crops to support the population. The intense winters, the altitude, the impervious orography, have never allowed us to identify these areas with a typical product that could be taken as a reference at a regional or national level.

Poor but beautiful, our territory is made up of hard workers, of the essentials that justify every form of friendship and even quarrel, of a nature that is at times arrogant, braggart, uncontaminated and proud of these characteristics; the Dolomites, the rivers, the animals, the hay, the cattle, the crosses, the color of time that pervades the houses.

But everything flows: people, ideas, climate change, and new technologies take over, research advances, in the name of sustainable development.

And thanks to these changes that have taken place in the last two decades, one day a desperate lover knocks on the door of my thoughts, asking me to help, to act as an intermediary.

It wasn’t a casual call; I believe destiny saw in me that something that he, the beloved, needed, perhaps that tear that fell every time I thought of the continuous and inexorable decline and depopulation of our territories.

It was a bit like in a classic love story where there exists the lover, the beloved and the herald … here, I am the messenger, the lover is the Solaris grape and the beloved is our beautiful land, between the communities of Forni di Sotto and Forni di Sopra.

The lover pushes me to deliver an offer to the beloved: his heart … with the classic and terrible promise: “Come with me and I will make you happy for a long while.”.

And so, even with my help, a love story began in 2015 that still continues with ardor between the two, who care nothing about the enormous difficulties on my part to make the harmony always work properly.

However, they are allowed to neglect me, because they are in love. But love, alas, without reason, always creates disorder. Clutter creates confusion. Confusion creates disasters.

So, as a good herald does, responsibly, I cannot abandon the beloved, because I see in him a great desire to express himself and to give his beloved and her children a better future than the one her ancestors had.

And it is for this reason that I try to continue even today, day after day, to give my best to understand this love that has, in its depths, very fascinating shades of the unknown.

It is hope for me, but also for those who believed in it together with me and still believe in it, despite the time that passes. 

As the old movies often said about beautiful blondes with wonderful and damned smiles…

It doesn’t matter how long you wait, but who you are waiting for“.


So I am trying to project the lovers, Solaris and my territory, into the future, hoping that they will finally unite in a sumptuous and lasting marriage…

For all their lives.



“No matter how much effort you can make to predict the future, the future will always surprise you”

 – Giorgio Parisi –